Indigenous Youth Issues for Calgary Summit

November First

Nations Calgary Summit

By William Doyle-Marshall

The Indigenous Youth and Natural Resource Development summit titled “Our Land, Our Future,” taking place on November 21 & 22 at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino in Calgary brings together government, industry & Indigenous communities to discuss a road map towards a more sustainable natural resource economy in Canada.

Relationships between industry, government and Indigenous peoples lie at the heart of Canada’s natural resource sector, says organizers of the summit. Each holds a powerful position with unique rights and responsibilities. Yet, all parties rely on the others to fully achieve their long-term aspirations and objectives says the Conference Board of Canada. Canada’s future prosperity depends on these groups building respectful, collaborative and mutually-beneficial relationships so that each can become a stronger, more supportive partner for the others. A collaborative, mutually-beneficial approach is also critical to ensuring sustainable, environmentally responsible development, the board concludes in its promotional material.

The Conference Board of Canada is proud to be working with a balanced Advisory Committee of Indigenous, private and public sector representatives as well as Indigenous youth to put this event together. “We feel it is critical to have input and direction from those groups that are most knowledgeable about, implicated in, or affected by the issues that we will be exploring through the summit,” the Board emphasizes in its promotional material.

Chad Day, summit co-chair

   Confirmed speakers include Chad Day – President, Tahltan Central Government; Harold Calla – Executive Chair, Board of Directors, First Nations Financial Management Board; Tom Isaac – Partner, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP; Mitchell Case – President, Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council; Dr. Daniel F. Muzyka – President and Chief Executive Officer, The Conference Board of Canada and Dr. Ken S. Coates – Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation, University of Saskatchewan.

The summit agenda covers “From Subjugation to Self-Determination: Indigenous Exclusion and Resurgence Through Land and Resource Based Development; Unique Rights, Shared Responsibilities: The Land, The Law and Learning to Live Together; In Our Own Voices: Indigenous Youth on Community, Culture and the Resource Economy; Our Lands, Our Future: Finding a Shared Vision for a Better Tomorrow; Striking the Balance: The Role of Government in Building an Equitable and Inclusive Canadian Resource Sector; Setting the Record Straight: The Economics of Meaningful Indigenous Engagement; Tackling the Triple Bottom Line: Industry and Innovation in the 21st Century Resource Economy; A Holistic and Forward-Looking Vision: Linking Resource Based Development to Indigenous Self-Determination and Realizing Our Shared Vision: Building Bridges and Charting a Common Roadmap Towards the Future

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