Real Presidential Changes With History Ties

13048058_10156753271755537_2433652536565344284_oAs President Barak Obama comes to the close of his two terms as President of the United States of America, it is fitting to recall the Reverend Jesse Jackson’s run for the same office a few years ago. I was in a church in Brooklyn when he stopped there urging Americans to put him in the White House. Since then his sons have occupied seats in Congress. Another reason to remember that people of African heritage are constantly creating history.

2 comments on “Real Presidential Changes With History Ties”

  1. Ayoola Doyle-Marshall says:

    I hope my opinion isn’t counted as bias but good point. Society gets quickly distracted by contemporary norms and concerns. There’s my 2 cents… or 2 nickels.

    1. William Doyle-Marshall says:

      Your views are valued.

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